Saturday, April 30, 2016


Garry did not want to spend his weekend as Julia at her best friend's wedding, but the two had been friends since kindergarten and she was unable to make it due to her flight being canceled. Since Garry actually lived in the same city as Julia's best friend Bela, Julia practically begged Garry to transform into her for the wedding. Bela came to Julia's wedding just the year before, where Garry happily attended as a man, and she felt like she couldn't let Bela down on her big day. So Julia did what anyone who had a shapeshifting friend would do, she begged Garry to take her form so she wouldn't miss it. She offered to pay him back in the refund the airline was giving her for the canceled flight. He sighed and took her form, but now he was beginning to regret it, the dress he picked up just did not work well with Julia's large breast. 

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