Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wasted on the Young

"Woohoo, it feels great to be young again!" Edward said shaking his new female ass to the treadmill. He had just ran half a marathon in his granddaughter's body, he hadn't ran that much in decades.

"Glad you're enjoying it," Brandon said. "But why Sarah?"

"Listen grandson, I spent 85 years of my life with a dick. After spending 85 years with your dick don't you think you'd be tired of it?"

"Er, I don't think so."

"That's because you still got 58 years to go to understand what I'm saying." Edward got off the treadmill and started drying himself off. Brandon got uneasy when his Grandfather Eddy began wiping his sister's breasts. "It's the same old same old every day, you can only jerk off to so many pictures of busty women before it becomes routine. So as you might know, once you and Macy gave me the opportunity to become young for a week I chose the obvious new and exciting choice."

Edwards finished wiping off his sweaty female form in front of his grandson.

"Now if you would excuse me," Edward said, "I got to see the ladies the room and then get ready for a night on town!"

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