Friday, April 22, 2016

Oculus Shift

"I look hot as fuck," David said gazing into the virtual mirror. His avatar smirked at him with her cute face and big eyes. "I take back everything I've said about kids these days."

David was an elderly man, born in 1990 he had lived through the boom of the information age of the early 2000s, seen the birth of holograms and 3D printed food in 2020, the first human on Mars in 2030, and personally knew the first person to have their minds uploaded to a computer in 2040. Now the elderly man was living in the post singularity age of 2050, AI an virtual reality ruled all. For years he had resisted the temptations of immortally living within a computer, until one day on his deathbed his grandson convinced him otherwise.

David now inhabited a fully digital body, capable of his wildest dreams. Today was just another day about his world, he had transformed his avatar into the sexiest girl he could think of.

"Now time to look for another avatar to give this body a test drive," David said spawning his new body into a common room.

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