Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ticket to America

"This is just too much to deal with," Branden tugged at his new hair. The sixteen year old boy American boy said after returning to the address he found in the woman's purse. "This has  to be a dream, or some really convincing prank."

Earlier that day Branden had been walking about the streets of London with his parents, it was their final day of the vacation, when this woman redheaded woman came up to him and said in a British accent, "Looks like it's my lucky day, you're my ticket to America young man."

There was a flash of light and the next thing Branden knew he was in her body. He was stunned, and literally couldn't move. "What the hell just happened?" He muttered in her voice, accent and everything.

After his old body disappeared from view he finally was able to move again, he fumbled through her purse to find a clue of what just happened. That was when he found her address.

"I got to start somewhere," he said walking off and trying to readjust to the bouncing on his chest, "fuck this is going to be a lot to deal with."

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