Thursday, April 21, 2016


It's almost summer time, and all I could think of were vacation pics today. I'm thinking of starting another idea, "Swapcations" like AirBnB but you stay in somebody else's body instead.
"FUCK YEAH, NEW ORLEANS!!!!" Tanner (left) shouted, "And to think we were in Vancouver just seconds ago."

"I can't believe it actually worked," Michelle (right) said.

"Trust me honey, the clever folks at Extra-Body never disappoint," he said bouncing his new breast. "Especially not this time."

"Don't do that," Michelle said.

"Why not babe?" Tanner gave his new breast a small jiggle.

"I think think body is a lesbian," she said looking her boyfriend in the eye, "I don't want you to trigger anything, at least not until I get a few drinks in me."

Extra-Body was the next logical step of the recent share economy of the 21st century. For centuries body switchers had lived separate from the outside world, but with the recent boom of Uber and AirBnB a few clever body hoppers began trading their bodies to non-switchers with their permission, for a few bucks that is. Soon switchers began crawling out of the woodwork and began registering their bodies on the Extra-Body app. Now for a few hundred bucks a non-switcher could rent a body of a body switcher's for as long as they could afford. Not only did the general public begin using it to explore other bodies, but it was faster and cheaper than flying, and because current laws couldn't adapt fast enough, it didn't require a passport.

"Well then." Tanner said linking his borrowed arm around Michelle's, "it will be my pleasure to get your started on that."

And the young couple began their trip of a life time.

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