Saturday, April 23, 2016


"Mmmm, you paid well for these didn't you? They almost feel real." Jon said grouping his new body's breast.

"Uhhh, Melissa, what do you mean?" Ben asked.

"Let me take a better look here," Jon said untying his bikini around his neck, "yep, fake but believable."

"Melissa," Ben said, "do you not remember the surgery?"

"Oh," Jon giggled, "silly me. I think I'm a bit too drunk. Thank you so much for these." Jon hugged the man, he had to be at least twenty years older than his mount.

Jon was an older body hopper, old enough that he was a witness of the fall of the Roman Empire. Melissa was just his latest mount, but his first female mount in over a century. After posing as Ben's butler for years, Jon decided it was time to abandon the penis and go back to a vagina and tits, at least for a little while, so he assumed the form of Ben's hot new wife.

"Now," Jon said grabbing Ben by the hand, "how about you show how much you appreciate giving me this gift?"

And the two went upstairs.

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